Strategic financial management tools and algorithmic trading solutions.

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona (USA) On Block Capital Group L.L.C. and On Block LLC (Delaware) utilize advanced decentralized software and hardware platforms to provide the quantitative and algorithmic instruments our clients need to navigate a constantly evolving financial landscape. (Learn More)

On Block devises and employs tools based on our core principles of utilizing only the most efficient trading algorithms for US-based currency and FOREX markets. We pride ourselves in providing strategic instruments for trading in all markets effectively.

Our quant tools allow us to outperform other fund’s instruments while remaining agnostic to bear/bull market conditions. On Block's advanced instruments leverage the unique volatility present in market assets to the advantage of our investment clients portfolios.

"Our unique software and advanced tools utilize aspects of extreme volatility with other conventional indicators to outperform even the best funds in the industry." - WM

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On Block provides secure reliability with 100% up-time by hosting components of our software in decentralized computing environments (EVM- blockchains)

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every venture and customize our support to tailor any financial climate.

We enjoy working with institutional and private banking clients seeking to license access to our autonomous, quantitative trading algorithms.

Our goal is to consistently provide tools that allow for outstanding risk adjusted returns to our investors. If any of our clients are not elated by the degree of their portfolio's annual performance with our software, then we have not done our jobs effectively and will strive to do so.

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Areas of Operation


On Block, combines our wealth of experience and advanced software integration to provide our partners with comprehensive analytics and the instruments to navigate the modern financial landscape. 


"There is growing recognition that an analog approach to auditing is not a tenable long-term strategy for advancing the function into a higher-level role helping the organization understand and manage risk."(Protiviti's 2017 Capabilities and Needs Survey)


Financial technology is constantly evolving, banks and corporations must evolve quickly to remain competitive & viable. On Block strives to anticipate these changes, so our partners can focus on growth and ingenuity in their industries.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires comprehensive analysis from industry professionals who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of cryptographic markets. Our firm provides a technologically holistic approach, so our partners can get the best competitive advantage.


We appreciate making life simple and more efficient, in order to achieve that, we utilize Blockchain based assets. on Block employs quantitative technologies with High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms to solve challenges in maintaining high preformance/profitability with volatile assets.


We empower our partners with industry leading research, analysis and methods to deploy investment strategies. Our talent for algorithmic analysis and parallel computing systems drive much of our research and development. We enjoy developing an array of instrument software, including neural network based AI tools and providing cloud based reliability for all trading operations.


The one fact pertaining to all conditions is that they will change.
— Charles Dow


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